What to expect:

March 2nd 2023

What to expect before a lung health check:

Patients are identified depending on their risk factors for lung problems, smokers and ex-smokers, and are then contacted via phone or mail to attend their lung health check. 

The first step will be an initial chat with a nurse or healthcare assistant where they will go through your lung health history in a bit more detail. 

Then there will be a survey and a questionnaire which decides if you need a CT scan because not all patients will.

What does the actual CT scan procedure like?

During the CT scan you will be welcomed onto the mobile scanner, a few checks will be made and then you will be invited into the room where you lay on a bed and you will pass through a large polo mint shaped machine.

There will only be you and your healthcare professional in the room. The room is spacious and not confined. The walls feature lovely pictures and it is quite airy and relaxing. 

You will lie down on a bed and it will move in and out of the large polo mints where you’ll be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds whilst a few pictures are taken. 

What happens after the CT scan?

You will receive a letter with the results of the scan within 3-4 weeks which will tell you if the result has been normal, if so you’ll be invited back in another 2 years. 

If there are any abnormalities in the scan then one of our nurses in the hospital will give you a ring to reassure you and you will be given a plan as to what happens next.