We’re having our free lung health check, are you?

A lung health check is designed to help find any issues early (often before you notice anything wrong). Make sure you attend your appointment when you’re invited.

About lung health checks

About lung health checks

A lung health check is an appointment either face to face or over the phone to determine if your lungs should be scanned by a CT scanner. Not everyone will need a lung scan. This will depend on your results from the initial assessment. Throughout the process you will have plenty of time to chat to the health professionals and ask any questions.

We know that lung cancer is the most common cancer in West Yorkshire. Lung cancer incidence is directly related to smoking and tobacco use is the most important preventable cause of lung cancer in England.

Across Bradford we are rolling out lung health checks and a mobile CT screening programme to detect lung cancer and any other lung problems as early as possible.

There are often no signs or symptoms of lung cancer at an early stage. As a result, sadly around 7 in 10 cancer patients are currently being diagnosed too late to be cured.

Lung Health Checks help find problems early (often before you notice anything is wrong) and at a stage when treatment could be simpler and more successful – ultimately saving more lives.  Most lung cancers grow slowly enough for them to be found at an early stage by a lung scan.

Who is eligible?

  • 55 – 74 years old
  • A smoker or ex-smoker
  • Registered to a GP in Bradford*

If you are at higher risk of developing lung cancer i.e. people who smoke and ex-smokers, we will be offering you the opportunity to have a free lung health check appointment to see if you need any further checks.

*The screening programme is currently being rolled out at a select number of GP Practices in Bradford. To see if your GP practice offers screening please contact your practice or view the list below under ‘When is it coming to my area’.

 Key facts


of lung cancer is caused by smoking. Smoking rates in West Yorkshire are above the national average.


Giving up smoking will improve lung function by 10% in 3-9 months


survive their cancer for 5 years or more when diagnosed at its earliest stage.   cancerresearchuk.org

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“Going for a lung health check is vital.”

Angela, 55, Birstall

Angela quit smoking the day before she turned 50. She works as a part-time radio operator and after recovering from pneumonia she is keen to get checked and address any lung health issues as soon as they arise.

Watch Angela’s story

“I’d encourage anybody to get their lung health check.”

Edward, 69, Dewsbury

As a retired engineer from North Kirklees, Edward recently faced some lung-related health issues. It’s made him keen to enjoy family life and not let any further lung problems develop.

Watch Edward’s story

“I wasn’t nervous, it was actually easy and comfortable. ”

Mohammed, Bradford

Mohammed found out about his lung health check when he got a call and was
invited to book a check-up.

Mohammed’s story

The process

  • Step one
    You will have a phone call or meeting with a health professional to discuss your breathing, overall lung health, lifestyle and family and medical history.
  • Step two
    You may be offered a lung scan to check if your lungs are in working order. If problems with your breathing or lungs are found but you do not require a scan, the health professional may refer you on to your GP or another specialist. The health professional may find nothing further to look into, which means that no further action is needed.
  • Step three
    You will be invited to have a quick scan of your lungs. Our mobile CT scanner will visit your local area, so you won’t need to travel far or go to hospital.

The outcomes

You will get your results from us within four weeks.

There are four possible results:

  • No problems found
    This means that no signs of lung cancer or other problems were seen on the scan. We will write to you with the results and ask you to come back for another scan in two years. However, it is still possible that lung cancer could develop between scans or that the scan may have missed it. If you notice anything that is not normal for you before your next scan, tell your doctor.
  • Second scan needed
    This usually means there is something on the scan which is difficult to identify. It is probably something harmless, but because it could be more serious, we will ask you to come for another scan in around three months, just to check.
  • Further tests needed
    This means we’ve seen something on the scan and you need further tests, which could include a biopsy. We will call you and write to the hospital so you can be seen by a doctor to investigate further.
  • Another problem found
    This means there is no sign of lung cancer but there are signs of other problems on the scan that may need treatment or medical advice. We will write to you and your GP and ensure you’re referred on to the correct specialist.

Support the campaign

We would love for you to show your support for this campaign. The more we normalise lung health checks, the more people will attend this vital appointment and the more chance we have of catching any issues early and treating them. It means more people will live longer and healthier lives.

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