Meet some team members

March 2nd 2023

Dr Haddad – GP at Moorside Surgery, Clinical Director at Networks, Clinical Lead for Lung Health Checks for Trust Primary Care says:

“I’d encourage everyone to at least have a chat on the phone about their lung health check, you don’t necessarily have to have the scan but we can then start thinking about what risk you’re at in terms of your lung health.”

Dr Leanne Cheyne – Respiratory Consultant at Bradford Teaching Hospitals says:

“I want to reassure people that the appointment is a telephone appointment which is very quick and easy. If you are put forward for a scan, it’s painless and takes a matter of a few minutes and there’s nothing to worry about. It’s certainly not claustrophobic.

Jason Pawluk – Programme Director, West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance says:

“The best thing we can do is to encourage the public to engage with the programme so we can pick up signs and symptoms of any lung health issues early. We know if patients do come forward, we can give them the best reassurance possible.”

Bethany Marjoram – Lung Cancer Clinical Specialist says:

“It’s a really good initiative that is designed to catch things early. The earlier we find lung cancers, the better the outcome. It’s non-invasive, the scanner itself is really big, light and airy and it takes a few minutes at most. There’s no pain involved, no injections.”